Knife Sharpening Stone Set Non-Slip Wooden Base Dual Sided Sharp Pebble Professional Whetstone Knife Sharpener Kit 400/1000 & 3000/8000 Grit Flattening Stone


Knife Sharpening Stone Set

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  • 🔪 Whetstone Knife Sharpening StoneYour Knife Sharpening Stone Set comes with Grit Whetstone 400/1000 grit, which is typically used to repair knives with chipped edges and sharpen dull knives. 3000/8000 grit, which is used to refine the edge and provide extra fine finish/polish on your blades. Furthermore, a Non-Slip Silicone sharpening stone holder rubber and Wooden Base also comes with it for holding the water stone, angle guide, flattening stone, polish, & stick.
  • 🔪 High QualityNot every knife sharpening kit is the same. Our sharpening stone is made of high-quality corundum, this is heat-resistant, corrosive, and extremely dense stone with a consistent long life. We have crafted the finest materials even down to the stitching on our leather to ensure a finer slice on EVERY slice! You will find that your knives will stay sharper even longer than traditional whetstones.
  • 🔪 FulFills Your Sharpening NeedWe know that knives can become unsharp when used for a period of time, so it's important to have a set of sharpening stones to suit your sharpening needs. Our sharpening stone will vary smoothly sharpen your knife and will require less force to get through, giving you more control, reducing stress, and preventing injuries to your wrist and hand.
  • 🔪 Easy To UseA dedicated bamboo base, non-slip rubber is attached to stabilize the whetstone firmly. With the angle guide, you can stabilize the angle of the knife when sharpening it, and even beginners can easily sharpen the knife neatly. Before using a whetstone, you need to soak the stone for 10-15 minutes in water, and they are ready to use. The lubricating effect of grinding results will be better and will help you save time and increase the sharpness of the blade.
  • 🔪 Sharpens EverythingOur professional-grade knife sharpener stone is highly durable & long-lasting. This whetstone sharpener set can sharp any blade out there. Be it any kitchen knife set, Chef knife, Steak knife, Santoku knife, paring knife, Sushi knife, Cleaver knife, fruit knife, Japanese knife, Butcher knife, Bbq knife, Hunting Knife, Pocket Knife, Scissor, Chisel, Blade, Straight Razor & it can even sharp an Axe. The set is also a great exquisite gift idea for your friends and family.
  • Not Your “Average” Knife Sharpening Stone Set our 3000/8000 dual-grit wet stone kit has high-density single whetstones with different coarseness masterfully developed on both sides of the same water stone
  • Sharpen Like a Chef sharpening professional for the home cook, a pro chef, or whether you just enjoy occasionally cooking meals for your family. Our high-density wet stones for sharpening knives provides you with all the right tools to achieve pro chef’s sharpening results.
  • Premium Knife Sharpening Stone your knife sharpening kit comes with a flattening stone for keeping your whetstone always flat with a non-slip bamboo base
  • Quality & Versatility our sharpening water stone 3000/8000 uses water for sharpening and are easily cleaned with water as well, so you avoid the oily mess of dealing with expensive sharpening/honing oils
  • Bonus Gift learn proper knife-sharpening techniques with a gift! Each sharpening whetstone set comes with a bonus link with instrumental articles and videos.