Watercolor Paint Set 48 Colors Portable Drawing Painting Kit with 1 Water Tank Brushes, 1 Draw Sketching Pencil, 1 Sponge, 1 Hook Line Pen, 1 White Watercolor Paint, 8 Drawing Papers, 1 Metal Box (Pink)


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  • 🎨 Professional 48 Watercolor Paint Set: Our watercolor paint tray brings 48 bright, beautiful, and attractive colors to your disposal. Not only this paint kit comes with just watercolors but 1 water tank brush, 1 drawing sketching pencil, 1 water absorbent sponge, 1 hook line pen, 1 white watercolor paint, 8 pieces of watercolor paper, 1 metal box containing 48 colors for kids, adults, artists, and professionals.
  • 🎨 High Quality: Our watercolor paint kit is made up of the purest color pigments, non-toxic, safe, and tasteless due to which the texture of the paint is light and thin. Transparency is high, colors are saturated, the effect of halo dyeing is perfect and colors of the painting have a long-lasting effect. It is easy to dissolve and blend to create an endless range of colors just according to the need, desire, liking, and demand of colors in your painting.
  • 🎨 Portable & Lightweight: This watercolor case is a sturdy, lightweight metal case that is easy to carry anywhere. It has a large capacity but is lightweight and keeps the painting kit organized and tidy without letting the colors mix into each other by themselves. Furthermore, it is not a very big box that is very difficult to carry. It requires a separate bag to carry, just pick our water coloring kit put it in your bag, or hold it in your hand and take it anywhere you want without getting tired of it.
  • 🎨 Create Your Art Anywhere: It is great for coloring books, card making, art journaling, sketching, and creating your own artwork. You can paint absolutely anywhere, the result and the presentation will surely show you it's a class. This watercolor paint kit serves as great value to kids, adults, beginners, artists, professionals, painting, and art lovers. Our painting case comes in 3 different color packages which are Pink, Blue, and Black, the choice is yours!
  • 🎨 Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you have any concerns or doubts related to our product then you can contact us directly as providing superior customer values is our top priority because you people are the essence and core heart of us and our business, and we want this excellent painting kit to be the part of your life leaving you joyful memories, lots of entertainment and satisfy you by fulfilling your drawing and painting needs.