Stylus Pen MPP 2.0 Pressure Up to 4096 High Sensitivity Spare tip Compatible with Surface Pro HP Envy HP Pavilion ASUS Sony Vaio Dell Inspiration


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  • Compatible with Microsoft Surface devices that support MPP 2.0 Protocol. Tilt functions perfectly for a new generation of Surface Pro, Surface Go & Surface Book 2, HP ENVY, HP Pavilion, HP Spectre x360 Series (Pls see more list on description).
  • Ergonomic Design with palm rejection allows resting your hand comfortably on the screen while working. Equipped with 2 buttons for option on "eraser" or "mouse" mode.
  • Long lifetime battery usage: 1 AAAA battery may provide more than 360 hours (6 months for 2 hours per day)
  • The high sensitivity of 4,096 pressure level. Sketch shade and paint with artistic precision and finer control that responds to the lightest touch with the best precision result, line thickness depends on how hard you press the stylus pen on your drawing.
  • With the 9.5 mm diameter streamlined tip point, this stylus is sensitive to pressure and tilt for making subtle shadows or creating delicate drawings. It is also multifunctional to use for slideshows presentations.

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